Opening "other location" not showing other disks

Kicad 7 flatpack installed onto Linuxmint 21.1 and when I open kicad and open project and choose ‘other location’ it is not showing the other drives on my PC only shows my linux drive. expecting it to also show me my C: and D: windows drives.
If I open Cura and open files and choose ‘other locations’ i can see my windows drives also.
I have my Kicad Project save to my D: drive

I don’t think this has anything to do with KiCad. My guess is that Linuxmint is using ntfs-3g or similar to mount the Windows drives on some mountpoints. A quick search suggests this might be /mnt/win_c and /mnt/win_d respectively.

It may be that Cura knows about those mountpoints and presents them as C: and D:. Anyway to see all the drives mounted, in Linux run the command df -h

Also remember that flatpak runs in a sandbox so when you have found the mountpoints, you need to allow them to the flatpak.

Thanks for info, issue is with flatpack.
I uninstalled flatpack from software manager and installed kicad using method on kicad download page for linuxmint. This install opens other locations correctly.

7.0.0 Stable Release

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:kicad/kicad-7.0-releases
sudo apt update
sudo apt install kicad

As I said, flatpak runs in a sandbox so “other locations” have to be allowed to it. You should use a normal package in preference to a flatpak if it is available.

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