Opening multiple projects

KiCad version 5

  1. How do i create multiple schematics within the same project?

  2. how do i open multiple projects side by side?

open kicad multiple times

Kicad is build with the workflow “one project per pcb” as its base assumption.

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Kicad may be intended for 1 board per project, but you can have as many PCB’s, schematics, etc under the one project, Its how I handle versioning currently.

A note of warning, currently it doesn’t work nicely for hierarchical projects,

So If I am spinning out a new variation of a PCB, I will save schematic as, Change it to 4.2.1 etc, generate a net-list, go to PCB, save as, and import the new version net-list, This way each version is independent.

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I don’t see the option of Save as in Eeschema.

This is on Version 5.0.0. If your using a different version, It may be different

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It does also not work nicely with the new update pcb from schematic process. (The export netlist/ import netlist workflow has been deprecated)
My message therefore is: Do not use multiple projects in the same folder hierarchy.
If you want to have multiple versions of the project, copy the whole project folder. Rename only the folder (renaming any of the project files will require a deeper understanding of how kicad works. Really not a good idea for the average user)
If you really want to rename projects then use one of the python scripts that exist for that. However i do not know if there is one that works with version 5.

Depreciated? as in removed from later versions, or just the one development is not focusing on? As the text based netlist is still my preferred method, Having so far not used the update features,

The netlist export import feature will stay. But the intention is that it is only used for communicating with third party apps.
The update pcb from schematic workflow directly uses the kicad internal data structures. Ensuring that the pcb and schematic are synced up correctly. I think this is a first step towards a common data model that might in the future allow full forward/backward annotation. I think the intent is that it will support communicating additional design constrains between eeschema and pcb_new. (Not sure if all these will be added to the netlist import/export stuff)

I raise the question because I currently use the netlists as a convenient way to compare what nets, values or footprints have been changed between revisions

I maintain the Kicad files for a project that is developed primarily in Eagle. And to keep things up to date. Until there is a simple way using those internal data structures to summerise the changes between 2 pcb / sch files. I am likely stuck to my odd methods.

But i suppose that gets into the version control debate over the fence in the other thread

The full name of my version is KiCad 5.0.0-fee4fd1~66~ubuntu 16.04. The save current sheet as option is not there. It is strange.

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