OpenGL drag with snap to grid, crosshair for Select mode

Hi KiCadders,
I’m in the progress of switching to OpenGL canvas (using 4.0.7).
I’ve used to move things around without breaking tracks, using the “Drag” feature. This caused the dragged items to be snapped to grid.
Using OpenGL canvas, I can’t use the “Drag” function (G shortcut). Depending on setting the interactive router options, I can either Move objects (which breaks the track, but snaps to grid) or Interactive Drag (which does keep tracks, but doesn’t snap to grid).
Is there a way in the OpenGL canvas to drag items without breaking tracks, but snapping to grid? It’s important for me e.g. when arranging via ground stitching the “track” way.

One more thing which bothers me is that in the select mode I can’t have the crosshair cursor snapping to grid. I need this to arrange items neatly. Is there a way to reenable it in OpenGL?