Open .sch in KiCad[solved]

Hi all,

I am new to KiCad, is there a way that I could open .sch files in KiCad? Or do I have to do a conversion to KiCad compatible?

What version and platform is your Kicad installation? What program wrote the .sch files? I know some files and be imported, some have scripts, some don’t.

I used a website to create the schematic and it can be export as different files extension, I choose eagle extension and I am using KiCad 4.0.7 version using Windows platform.

I have never used this but it seems to be under active development. Last updated in October.

You could try this conversion ULP from Sparkfun. I’m not sure whether you’d need access to Eagle to use it.

Ok I’ll try both. Thank you @hermit and @MichaelGarbutt

Recent nightly builds should be able to directly open eagle projects.
So this might be worth a try. (If none of the conversion scripts work)
But there are then two unknowns if it does not work.

  • Did your strange webside export correctly?
  • Did kicad read correctly?

I would suggest for future projects: Do everything in one toolchain.

ulp scripts are meant to be run within eagle. So yes you need access to eagle.

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You could also try, I think it is the best Eagle to KiCad converter but then I wrote it :slight_smile: However, it does have some features others lack.

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Just in case that is seen as a recommendation for nightly builds, one should add a caution, particularly now that the symbol library table has been introduced.

However, we can all look forward to better support for Eagle projects in the next stable release.

The lib table stuff is only a problem if you try to open old kicad projects. Creating new projects should not really be a problem. But you are right, I should have mentioned that nightly is a development build and that it might be quite unstable. (Especially now so short after the feature freeze. I fear some things have been rushed in the weeks before the freeze.)

By definition, the nightly build is always unstable. By “stable”, we mean no new feature are added, only essential bug fixes, and the code has gone through an extensive beta test phase. That is why the 4.0.x series is called “stable”, and the nightly series which frequently new (and untested) features are unstable.

The hope is that a stable build is much less likely to have bugs, but “stable” should not be used to refer to the likelihood of finding few bugs. Programmers don’t choose to put bugs in or not, the choice is whether to add new features or not.

Even if the symbol library table does not have bugs, there is no documentation about it, and few people have experience with it so getting help may be difficult.

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I manage to import eagle file to KiCad but I have the ICs missing I think due to the lack of library I have within KiCad. But thank you everyone to chip in information. :blush: