Open Footprint/Symbol files

If I want to check/review/open a footprint, I have to add it to the library I have specified in the paths for global or local libraries.

Is there a reason I cannot start the footprint editor standalone, independent from a project, to open up and modify those files (besides that it is not implemented)?
Meaning: Is this a deliberate decision or just how it currently is handled?

It is a side effect of having two library tables and the fact that the programs become more and more integrated into one other.

I personally simply have a separate project setup for library maintainance (Ok i might have more than one)
This project then points to my development libs via its local library table ensuring that my main libs are not contaminated with these experimental assets. (I prefix the local libraries nickname with devel_ for development libs and have other prefixes for other purposes. This then allows me to copy libs from my development libs to my real libs from within kicad. But in most cases i do this by use of git instead as the devel lib is simply a fork of the normal lib.)

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