Open a brd file with Kicad


I would like to open a .brd layout file with Kicad.
I run Pcbnew as a stand alone software and try to open my file with both .brd extension that Pcbnew propose but everytime I have an error message saying “unknown file type”

Do you know how I could open my file in Kicad ?

Thanks a lot !

Where does this brd file come from. (Which software was used to create it in the first place?)

If its an eagle .brd file. From the main kicad launcher. Go to file/import and it will convert eagle to kicad for you.

A .BRD file might also be from Cadence Allegro. I don’t think that kiCad can import that one.
Edit: I tried the Intel Galileo .BRD and KiCad does not read it.

wasn’t the old pre version 4 kicad file extension also .brd?
I think nearly all pcb design packages had at some point in the past used this file extension. So it is really crucial to know which package was used to design this file.

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Yes. And pre version 2013-4022 too.
Kicad .brd files can be open by V4.0.7 but the application crashes with V5.

Most probably the file the OP wants to open was made with another tool.

The Intel Galileo sample has a mix of binary and ascii.
Checking with notepad++, very near the end I saw the text string “allegro”

Zuken Cadstar also used the .brd extension

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