Op Amp footprint for power pins renders as unique footprint

I’m having a problem with the power pins of an op amp in PCBnew. I have 2 8-pin TL 072s on my board. One is a preamp and the other a summing amp for a tone circuit. The preamp is U1 and on EEschema the symbol has U1A for one side and U1B for the other side, and also U1C for the power pins.

But for U2, the summing amp, PCBnew renders U2C as a separate DIP footprint. It shows the power connections correctly but there is an extra footprint on the layout.

I’ve tried deleting and replacing but the problem is still there. Very weird that it works correctly for U1 but not for U2. Could this be a corrupted file ?

Check if one of the opamp parts is accidentally annotated as U3 or another number.

Also check if all symbols are from the same library.

Yes, that worked. It turned out that I had unit C annotated incorrectly.