On ver. 5.1.10 cannot place symbol for transistor

After upgrade tp ver. 5.1.10 cannot place symbol as it errs (the env. vaiable is to be any user’s specific)
${KICAD_SYMBOL_DIR}/4xxx.lib can not found
then if pick don’t show and go on trying for transistor not avaiable,
if pick ‘Select with browser’,
Then in the left pane, an item ‘Transistor BJT’ is ready but nothing if it’s clicked

Help solve this post upgrade.

Nothing to do with upgrade ver. 4 to 5
Just upgrade ver. 5 to ver. 5.1.10

From what I can see you have a problem with the library setup.
That KiCad complains it can not find the 4xxx.lib library at least means that KiCad is looking for it. This means that library is mentioned in the sym-lib-table file, and that is a good thing.

Which leaves two obvious possibilities. Either the ${KICAD_SYMBOL_DIR} environment variable is set to the wrong path (You can check this with KiCad / Preferences / Configure Paths) or the libraries themselves are not present at all.
So first check if that library is present at your computer, on my linux box I can search for things with:

paul@medion:~$ locate 4xxx.lib

In the screenshot from Configure Paths you can see that the path matches with the path of the actual library.

If this does not help, then have a closer look at the last link holger posted about library management:

The ver. 5.1.10 here is of main Arch has no library in the env. variable ${KICAD_SYMBOL_DIR}/library

Anyone had this version installed and having its library, so would share upload to us ?

This does not make sense to me:

Where is that string used? Which KiCad window?

KiCad / Preferences / Manage Symbol Libraries should look similar to:

And also: Have you verified that the libraries themselves are installed on your system?

Thanks much just upgraded again now it installed complete with library, guess it was interrupted DL so it’s imperfect upgrade
sorry for a fuss
the env. variable

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