Old version of the component inserted into schematic instead of an edited one

I’m trying to insert L78L05ACUTR into my schematic.
I have my own symbol as the standard library has ‘VI’, ‘VO’ and ‘GND’ as a pin numbers instead of 3, 2 and 1 (and of course pcbnew can not insert footprint for this symbol as SOT-89 package does not contain any ‘vi’ or ‘vout’ pins).
However after I select my symbol (and I can see that pin numbers are in places) pin numbers disappearing by some kind of magic. After I exported the netlist the same thing goes on: no pin ‘VI’ in the footprint:

I suspect that kiCad for some reason picking the old symbol from a cache (or something). How do I force KiCad to use the element I’m picking?

I’ve found a solution here!
Have a nice weekend!