Old .mod files to newer type


Hi everyone.

In a previous version (or maybe life) I have successfully changed pre-V4 modules in a folder to V4 modules in a folder(.pretty suffix). I downloaded a .mod file for a connector, put it in a folder in the library location and added the library to the files using the footprint libraries Wizard.

Shut down and re-started KiCad and it it there in the Footprint libraries manager table (and the fp_lib_table file) as a legacy library folder.

When I try to open the library in footprint editor it is not in the list, so I cannot save the library in the new format.

I am sure that this worked in V 4.06 but in V4.07 it appears not to work. Have I forgotten a step or has the method of adding files changed?

Any ideas?


Eventually managed to get it to work. No idea why the legacy library did not show in the list.