OK, where did the radial capacitor 3D models go?

I’m working through the headaches created by the recent 3D model renaming and deletion. I realize that Capacitors_ThroughHole was moved to Capacitors_THD. But where did



Is this what you’re looking for?

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The pull request you linked is not responsible for changing the capacitor repo.

Already looked there.

Is not in that directory. The closest match is


but that doesn’t have a height. Was it a library design change to not show the height of radial capacitors?

Also, the new model is 2.54x bigger than the old model.

It appears that the new models are not scaled internally and rely on the 3D model being scaled in the footprint. If the model is appearing too large, scale it setting x=y=z=0.3937

Regarding the height - this data definitely SHOULD be in the model name. The idea is that the footprint is the same for each available height and then you select the correct 3D model based on the height variant.

@jkriege2 I believe you made these models? Might I request two fixes:

  1. Scale the models down so that the footprints work with 1:1:1 scaling
  2. Add the height to the name of the 3D model
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Sounds like a good summary of the fixes needed. Thanks.

as said elsewhere: will do … might take some days :wink: