Ok to submit bug reports here?

If I’m understanding the instructions correctly, I need to create a launchpad/ubuntu-one account to submit bug reports. I’m not willing to create such an account. Is it ok to post bug reports here?


No devs do not monitor this forum you need to report it over at launchpad.

What’s wrong with creating an account on launchpad? Alternatively, you can PM the bug report to me, but I don’t promise it will be fixed :slight_smile:


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PM?? (Private Mail? Private Messaging?)

You mean if I go to your profile (https://forum.kicad.info/u/twl), the “:e-mail: Message” blue icon that shows on the top-right of the screen?


It just so happens that I have an extremely sketchy installation of Windoze 7 on my machine at the moment. I am actually working to improve the situation, but it is still going to take some time.

For me, I feel as if the members here are great to converse with to determine if the issues that I am having are actional KiCad bugs. On the occasion when it was determined to be an actual KiCad bug, other members with an established Launchpad account were willing to create the official bug report on Launchpad.

What is the problem with creating a Launchpad account, it just requires a valid email account?
No charges and it doesn’t generate any spam. It is not able to gather any personal information about you except from your postings on the bug tracker and Ubuntuforums.

For me, it means thinking about a new identity. And, I have not decided on even releasing that yet.

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