Offline library & footprint maker

I have unreliable wi-fi and must use my Kicad offline quite a bit. Is there source or some comparable program to this
I looked for a way to contact the author but could not find any. It is made by C. Rohrbacher
Perhaps there is a sourceforge program I could use?

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I quickly looked at it and it lacks being intuitive.
I am very grateful for the hard work the KiCad team has done but if you look at the link above, there is no comparison.

Someone had a parametric FP maker running, as proof of concept… couple of months ago.
I think it was online.

It would not be much trouble for me to make a php copy of that link if someone that knows KiCad would catch my mistakes.
I would put it on SourceForge for everyone to download.
Would you be willing to do that?

What mistakes?
For a reference check this out:

Do you have an apache server running locally to serve you the php?

By mistakes I mean logical mistakes in my program… for example not getting the file format right.
And yes I have both a Internet server and local Apache. I write almost all my programs in PHP because of the ease of using it on both.

Well, if I was you I wouldn’t be afraid to start and once you got something to show off there will be plenty of people to tell you if you have made mistakes - if there is interest there :wink:

PS: most people around here use github I think (in case it’s an option for you).

The link I gave above is a beautiful program. It is a real shame the author did not open source it. Then everyone could improve on it until it was wonderful.

Hm… how about this one:

[quote=“Werner Almesberger”]
Cute, but still seems to be a lot more “draw” than “CAD”. To address the weaknesses of KiCAD’s module editor, I wrote a parametric CAD that generates KiCAD modules. It’s called “fped” for “FootPrint EDitor”.
Here’s a very short introduction:

To play with it, install the “fped” package or build from sources.

PS: that’s not the one I was referring to further up.

[EDIT] found the post:

[EDIT2] keep in mind that eeschema and the symbol editor are next on the devs list to work on in regards to refurbishing - still months away - but they’ll definitely throw out the current organization of symbol blobs in lib files and replace it with symbol files in lib folders (same principle as the footprints).

Wow! That is far better than anything I would do. I was just thinking of doing something for symmetric chip and connector footprints.

We need to get this person to release the code :slight_smile: