Official symbol for USB 3.0


I’d like to add a USB 3.0 female socket to my schematic but I cannot find it in the list of libraries that KiCad provides by default.

has KiCad-lib a USB 3.0? I prefer to use the official components if they are present. I’ve updated the application to version 4.0.5 but still not able to find it.

If the answer is no, there is a github repo containing a 3.0 component that looks good engstad

Changed the name of the topic to be more specific.
(library could either mean footprint or symbol.)

The conn.lib has got USB A, B and OTG.
No 3.0 in there.
Same for the footprints and 3d models.
Seems for the time being you have to either make it your self or use the one from the repo you found.

I have submitted the following as a PR to the kicad-library repository: