Off-topic split from EDeA 0.6.0

Because we don’t have the dislike button ~you are still talking~ the other commenter persists in expressing a consistently negative view about the post’s topic. I believe that people can devise solutions for issues they find important. If a solution isn’t necessary or is flawed, the “community itself” won’t adopt the idea by refraining from following, liking, or discussing it. And it doesn’t matter if Kicad is going to implement it. It will take ages (for some) anyway.

EDITED: This edit addresses the real issue at hand, as some individuals focused on my inappropriate language rather than the main point being discussed here.

By the way (off topic), we should have a dislike button here. This should not be a copy of Facebook. Intelligent people dislike each other sometimes and that’s ok.

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Did you even bother to read my last post?
I added some links to similar plugins. I see that as a positive thing. Maybe some cooperation or collaboration between those plugin developers is an option.


It doesn’t matter, people like to implement their own stuff. They also use this to learn a bit more. Multiple choices are good for the users too since developers do not agree all the time.

Keep it civil and not attack users.


It would have been so much easier to tell him that if we had a dislike button!

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As a moderator, let me say, in a digital forum that at best can be a tower of Babel given different languages and varying cultures, PLEASE, default to pleasantness.

In high school I had quite the knack for diagramming sentences. Those days being long gone, I look at the first sentence and scratch my head wondering where I wouild even begin on that beast. James Fenimore Cooper would approve. Twain? Not so much.

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But we have one!
If you navigate the user settings you can find the ‘ignore user’ configuration :grin: a bit drastic but in my case helps a lot keeping the forum a more pleasant place to visit…


But that just doesn’t have the good slap-in-the-face feel you get from punching the dislike button!


Hmm. OP user is excited to share new work he did to contribute to the kicad community. He is then publicly told he is wasting his time and not to bother. Second user points this out and then second user gets slapped for doing so. Sometimes this forum is not particularly welcoming, and if the goal is less user enthusiasm – nailed it.

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I think it is unfortunate that the first reply to the thread was someone voicing skepticism that the tool should exist, but I also think that @paulvdh has the right to his own opinions.

Those who want to counter the skepticism with more positive responses: you can do so without making it about Paul.


Hi guys, thank you for engaging here to discuss my idea. I fixed my bad language in the first message of this post to make it clear I was not blaming the user but what he said.

I just gave my opinion, as craftyjon mentioned, and I am aware some people don’t like that. And OP is free to interpret that in the way he wishes (including ignoring). Some people feel offended by such things, they seem to interpret it as a personal attack.

The last bunch of years the world seems to turn into the direction of “everything somebody does is always great and criticism is always bad”. and it is an attitude I don’t understand. Ideas range from sublime to completely terrible, and I am not afraid to give my opinion when I believe an idea is not good.

And again, OP is free to ignore such posts, but also, it takes time (and some thought) for me to write a response. It’s also quite possible that my feedback can be used to change the original idea and move it in a different (hopefully better) direction.


Maybe, but there’s a time and place, and that wasn’t it

So did I… I gave my opinion and I am aware some people dont like that.

Having “dislike” is good. Doesnt mean it is bad or wrong. just means you didnt really like it. It’s good because often people want to convey perhaps some higher experience or knowledge, or whatever.

The good thing is with a dislike : You can put a 'dislike ’ mark on without interrupting the flow of the fourm posts.
If someone wants to ask you why they dislike it, then they can.
I just “like” posts when I see something done well, or I like what someone posted to help me or someone else out. I dont have to add to the flow with some text.

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