Off topic question: what 3D software rendered this?

So I was wondering what type of 3D software is used to make/generate images like this ??
Blender ? Inkscape ?
I’m sure there are some Autodesk software or something like that used to makes images like
this but I’m not sure…
Image below:

Yes, Blender is one good way of doing it. People use KiCad StepUp | KiCad EDA to get the design files into FreeCad and export what’s needed for Blender from there. There might be some new ways of doing these days though.

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It is quite possible this image has been rendered with Blender. The PCB could have been made with KiCad, but none of this is sure. There is lots of other software combinations to get to similar results.

If you search youtube (or the rest of the 'net) you can find plenty of examples and even some tutorials of PCB’s made in KiCad and rendered in Blender. Doing things to such details does require a fair bit of work. Things like the antenna connector usually have such detail in CAD models, and the antenna cable is a custom made to size model too.

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Looks like there have been some developments in this area in the resent years. Take a look at the pcb2blender in the PCM.

I think that board has been produced using Altium Designer. I’ve seen it mentioned in one of their blogs when I log into Altium. Not sure what the 3d rendering has been done with though.

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