Off components to the BOM (Solved)

Hello, I have a project with fingerprints of components (connector) that will not be mounted on the final PCB, in the various posts I read that putting a “#” in front of the reference of the component avoid listing.
But there has one disadvantage is that his footprint is no longer in the netlist.
In the same way for test points, I need it physically but I do not want to see them in the BOM, an idea above? Thank you.

Here an example :

A common practice is to have the string “DNP” (= Do Not Place) show up in the BOM.

If needed, that string can be searched for and lines deleted from the BOM by a script.

There are quite a few alternative BOM scripts kicking around if you search for them. The BOM script bundled with Kicad is functional but a bit limited. You might find that this one has the functionality you need

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Hello paulvdh, thank you for your suggestion, in the same way that I can also delete the lines in the generated BOM.

I try it, it works, that generate .csv file and .xml too, by adding the dnf in top of the reference that remove from BOM this is Ok for me !


Hi John, I’ll check this python script to see if it match with my needs, thanks.

For completeness, there are several alternative BOM processors out there (as well as lots of other add-ins / scripts and freestanding applications). This is a useful curated list that might be of interest;

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