Off-Center Track

I have an 1x8 PCB terminal block so each terminal has a pin that connects to a PCB. Each terminal provides 12V.from a 12V power supply. Instead of using a strip barrier that connects all 8 terminals together I connect them on the PCB. They are carrying a pretty high current (max 40A) so I plan to make the tracks 20mm wide. The problem I have is that right below the pins are other tracks. Hence, I have to place the 20mm track in a way that ~18mm are above the pins. However, the PCB placement always centers the tracks to the pins. You can see this in the image below. The very wide track overlaps with the narrow tracks below. So I need to move the wide track higher up while it still connects the pins on the terminal block. How can I do that?

I would use a thin track to connect the pads and keep DRC happy, and use a zone to cover the terminal pads. You might want to use thermal relief spokes depending on your fabrication method.

Many ways to skin this cat.

Another way would be:

  • (Temporarily) turn off snap to pad.
  • Draw your super thick trace where you want it.
  • Turn snap to pad back on.
  • With a thin trace connect the pads to the center line of your thick trace.

But, I think I would go with drawing zones. That way if you do some rework in that area with the push and shove router, your carefully crafted large copper areas aren’t destroyed. Make sure the zone has the same net as the pins on your screw terminals that you want to connect together and you shouldn’t need to connect them with traces.

Thanks for the input. I did as you advised, i.e. using “copper fills” with “pad connection” set to solid (might be harder to solder but I need the connectivity to support the amperage) and trying to select the correct net. Some tracks show up as orange (rather than red) so maybe I got something wrong. I will have to look into those.

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