Off board components

New to KiCad. I have a schematic done , but four of the components are not to be mounted on the PCB. What is the best / most successful manner to include them in the schematic so that they do not cause issues when moving to the PCBnew ?
Thank you.

A little more info might help.

If they are to connect to the board then you could just assign them the footprint of the connector you are using if you haven’t specified the connector on the schematic. I have a board with a 3 wire potentiometer located off board. For that symbol I specify a molex connector as the footprint.

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Thank you. That was the direction I was heading , but wanted to get some validation.

I have done the same thing when dealing with off-board components. In fact, I believe I answered the original question from @mish.s in my post (with screenshot!) at Best-Practice - Eeschema schematic for PTHs


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