Oddity in QFP 208 pads


I noticed an oddity in the QFP208 footprint lib.
As you can see fromthe upper part of the picture, there is a little shift of the pad (the grid is 0.125mm, the chip is centered on the grid, so there should be no shift at all). I’m aware this is not a big deal (about 10µ error), but anyway for sure my japanese customers will complain. And it might be a problem for the PCB placing machine.
I made my own QFP208 footprint. However, other problem, there might be no space between 2 pins to draw the solder mask, so here are 2 questions:

  1. Usually, I set the distance from solde to soldermask as 0.05mm. Where is this setting. I first thought about the QFP generator wizard, but as it might be a paramter of the board, I also checked the design rules. Apparently there is nothing in the design rules for the offset of the solder mask, or it might be something else.
  2. Is there a way to add a dot every 10 pins other than manually? It’s convenient when probing with a scope.
    By the way, another one:
  3. When a pattern has been generated, is there a way to edit it? For example if I have entered 0.25 for the pattern width, and I want to change for 0.3 or whatever else?




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