Number of comment fields in page title block


In Eeschema / Page Settings / Title Block Parameters, there are four comment fields: Comment[1 to 4]. These are linked to parameters %C[0 to 3] in the Page Layout Description file. So far so good. However, according to the Page Layout Editor Manual, %Cx may be used for up to ten comment fields (0 to 9). In my Page Layout Description File I added comment fields %C[4 to 9] and the corresponding fields show up in Eeschematic. My problem is, how do I edit the contents of these extra comment fields %C[4 to 9]/Comment[5 to 10] in Eeschema ? I tried to add the missing field contents to the .sch-file with a text editor, but Eeschema ignores these. Am I the only one needing more than four comment fields in the title block?


Sorry, known bug but not yet resolved: