NPTH to house really small SMD components


Something of a tangential thought after ordering some SMD capacitors (0201) the wrong size, but has anyone tried placing them in non-plated through holes, so that each terminal is just sticking out each side of a 2-sided board?

Obviously only for personal boards, but may be good for high density cases. I dont know if i’d have any chance hand soldering at this size, but end on should be possible.

Just though i’d throw that out there. Also reminds me of the boards that had minimal components where the inductors and capacitors were formed from the solder tracks on/in the phenolic boards (cant remember what the process was called).


Unless I don’t understand something in your post, a 0201 (20mils L x 10mils W) will not stick out of both sides of a normal board that is 60.3 mils thick.


It was more in general rather than the 0201s specifically. There was another strip but i cant find the bag they came out of after rescuing from the bin after thinking there must be a use for them.


This technique has actually been used in very high speed digital design where every possible pico henry of series inductance relating to bypass caps must be eliminated. the caps are also chosen so that the series resonant freq of the cap is near the frequencies to be bypassed. Most common when using Gigahertz gate arrays.



interesting, that makes sense, thanks for that snippet of information