Noticed the MacOS nightly builds stopped

Was experimenting with the 5.1.6 test builds as well as the 6.0.0 nightlies and notice they are no longer under OSX Nightly

Have they moved?

I also noticed it. I even opened a new topic here on the forum but had no answers.

@qu1ck, weren’t you doing maintenance on the builds some months ago? Do you know how should we address this issue? Thanks!

Adam said on the dev list that he was going to fix it (I sent a question about this last night).

Awesome! Thanks a bunch :slight_smile:

I’m not on KiCad team and don’t control any of their servers/builds/resources. As Jon mentioned, the right people are aware of this and are on it.

Sorry, I don’t know why I thought you were doing something with the builds.

Anyway, it looks like the problem is fixed :slight_smile:

I contributed to windows build script code to add lite variant of the installer, you probably saw messages and announcements about that. But that’s just code merge request that anyone can do.

Looks like the macOS nightly builds are down again - the last nightly is 27th Feb.
I wonder if anyone can give Andy a gentle nudge? (I’m not on the Dev list).

See that are now back again. Yipee!

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