Not found in footprint Connector

i try to design an Rapsberry Zero Extension and use Kicad first Time.
I got Errors in Netlist Error: Symbol Rj1 pad 7 not found in Footprint Connector_RJ-RJ45 …
I use the RJ45 Connector as Connector for 1-Wire and need only 3 Pins to Connect.

I dont know how i can solve the Problem. On the PCB is no wire connected but in the schematic it is OK.

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Thank you for your hints.
I have made a copy of the RJ45 Connector and changed R1 to 1 that solves the problem.

That specific Amphenol connector might not be what you want to use. It has isolation elements in it so the pinout isn’t normal RJ-45. Pin one on the PCB for that jack does not connect to pin one of the cable (same for all the other pins). Here is the symbol for that connector in KiCad:

If it really is what you want, you should use also use the symbol for that specific Amphenol connector to indicate on your schematic the internal circuitry of the jack.

Also, note that the provided connector footprints are really only good for the part numbers indicated in the footprint name. If you aren’t using one of those part numbers you will probably need to create your own footprint. This isn’t a failing of KiCad, rather it is a failing of the industry to not provide a standard PCB interface for connectors.

You can find symbols/footprints for other Amphenol connectors in various places; I was able to find one for the passive RJ-45 connector in my project without an issue. I think mine came from Digi-Key.

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