Not connected component in schematic

Why here resistor is connected from one side and from second side is not connected ???
Exactly the same.

Check the other side of the wire :wink:

@Rene_Poschl then in this case, electrical rule check should point the other side of the wire too, not only this part, and in my case it is not pointing.

Where is the “other side” connected to, and to how many other things is that “other side” connected?

KiCad is very picky about exact connnections for wires in Eeschema. It is stronlgy advised to never ever set the grid below 50mil in Eeschema to ensure that the endpoints of wires line up with the end points of schematic symbols.

But it seems like this is not the case here, because when those are not connected, then the resistor should show a small circle, and the wire a small square. Here I moved a resistor a grid point:

So, back to Rene’s post. Check the other side of the wire again, or zip the project and post it here so we can have a look.
( for PCB’s the PCB file itself contains everything, but for the schematic other files of the project are mandatory).

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