Not all Rounded Rectangle Pads in Footprint Library

If KiCad Library follows IPC-7351C for footprints then why not all footprints have rounded rectangle pads

The automating script for that one isn’t updated, or it’s been made manually and not updated.

The library maintainers are overburdened and can’t keep the library in as good shape as they wish they could. They can’t even inspect and accept all enhancements made by others.

So it is like “Pads should be Rounded rectangular but they are not”, not like “Pads are not Rounded rectangular because they are not supposed to be”.
Am I correct?

Probably, but I don’t know. @Rene_Poschl could comment better.

First of all the C variant is not yet officially released but yes we try to follow what we know about it especially if IPC gives good reasons for why they changed something.

However, not all assets in the library will follow all rules. We simply don’t have the manpower.

@Rene_Poschl Retired, I have time available and could contribute. I feel library work is within my abilities. How can I get myself started and be on the same page, recommended reading atl.
Just an offer, no intention to intrude.

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You could start by reading


followed by taking a look at PRs currently under review

to get a feel for how it actually plays out and finally start reviewing


Thx for the pointers
EDIT: I will have questions going forward for sure. Where should I post them? I think that’s OT in and a no-go in the bug tracker.

I don’t think it’s totally offtopic here, it would help the project and could even help others to help the project. It’s not that you were trying to get personal benefit from the forum with offtopic questions.

1, I’m a Windows guy, although I played around a little with Ubuntu. Will that work out toolwise or should I switch to Linux (sigh)?
2, Prior to digging my teeth into library work, I would like to know what kind of contributions is most needed. Is there like a project task list?
3, Is there a project manager for the libraries? Or one for footprints and another for symbols?Just curious. Maybe my SIEMENS past shows. …

It shouldn’t matter too much if you inspect the components. The developers also use what they have.

No. Basically you just have to have a project and the whole KiCad official library available from there. Can you already keep up to date with git pull?

We have senior, junior, assistant, deputy and plain project managers.
We’re considering hiring a guy to do the work. :grinning:

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I know what the git environment is, and some buzzwords, but never really used git, just learning now. We always had company specific SVC/collaboration systems. But I’ve set up a repository now and will start from there. There’s a lot of tutorials out there.

Today’s last question :slight_smile:: I think it would be best to wait until Sept 1st regarding pull requests? Things seem to be in flux.

And what makes Sept 1 special? not being cynical, just saying that most people contribute to this projects on weekends, late at night, not caring much about the date :P, so whenever you have time and feel the itch, go ahead, just be ready to let it go until somebody reacts or considerable amount of time passes (differs, but maybe two weeks, a month?).

For what I have read (but I am not an expert by any means, not even an advanced user) there is a lot of need reviewing new pull request (contributions by other user to the libraries) and at one point before the release of version 6, there will be a ton of work making the library ready for the new version. Right now that kind of work doesn’t make much sense, because everything keeps changing.

Good luck and thanks for helping!

There was a caveat in one of the repositories, but anyways.
Good that you are here: what happened to the Molex-48258 (kicad/kicad-footprints #2362) I can’t find it in Connector_USB (anymore?).


In a nutshell: That particular point is Sept 1

Thanks for the clarification, I see that you guys are much more in contact than what the eye see :slight_smile:

Thanks for asking, I just went to search for it in Github and in my local library, unfortunately I just found out that the error is on my side of thing, I got a totally made up explanation that I did not check :flushed: I will close the issue, thanks for pointing that out and make me look closely at the issue!

You’re welcome. In both cases …