Not able to route to pads (New to KiCAD)

Hi, I’m new KiCAD (and EDA tools in general). I was hoping to make a super simple PCB to mount a power inlet header to a chassis and then use a terminal block to run the power out.

I thought it would be pretty straight forward but I have now spent way to long trying to figure out why I cant route to the pads of the manufacturer supplied footprint file. I’m not sure if I’m doing something wrong or if the footprint file is causing this. I have never made my own footprint, should I be looking to remake it? Any help would be super appreciated :slight_smile:

Project File:!Ar-ePzD-EchAgbRRRJiRf4lpMeCLRA?e=1G4eVf

The pads contain edge cuts graphics. Oval pads in kicad are made by selecting an oval “drill” in the pad properties not by adding graphics on the edge cuts layer.


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