Not able to open the board file


I am not able to open the board file as shown in figure whenever i am trying to open it continuously display this message as shown in figure.

I am using Kicad 6.04 version.

What OS?
Do you have a schematic?
Are you trying to open from the schematic editor or from the project window?
Is this a new file or existing?

The file should be located in the project folder. Is the path correct?

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system specification
Hello I have share the image of system specification. I am using Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS.
Yes i have schematic and it is opening properly.
Yes from project Window.
Existing and it was opening one day before and now it is not opening. But i am deleting that files and again paste it opens properly but after 1 day same issue appears.
When I am sending project file to other system there it is opening properly there is no issue in it.
Can you let me know it is of what kind of issue.

IT is issue of DXF once i have deleted the DXF then within 1 or 2 minutes it opens.

In my DXF there are many lines is there is any way i can convert this lines in to shapes.

Dxf is a general file format, not necessarily for pcb. My guess is the file does not contain the a valid pcb.

You should try creating a schematic and doing a pcb in Kicad. Importing a random dxf is not standard process.

Can you open the dxf in FreecCad? That will tell you if the file is valid dxf and should show you the drawing.

Yes it was issue of DXF.
In Freecad also same issue appear.

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