Normal vias vs micro vias

I am making STM32 development board but I am not very experienced at PCB creation. Where can micro vias be used and where not? Voltage: 3.3V, Max current: 1A. Maybe use normal vias on power nets, micro vias on signal nets (GPIO, SPI, USB interfaces)?

You probably do not need to use micro vias. Micro vias are more expensive to manufacture and used when the space is very limited and normal vias cannot be used.


There’s not really a limitation on using micro vias. 3.3V and 1 A is not a problem.

The question is more when you have to use micro vias, and that’s likely only on very dense board with lots of layers and large BGA chips, where routing would otherwise not work properly. Micro vias are very expensive to manufacture and make not much sense on a development board.

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