Noob summary of edge cuts in footprint

Just to be sure, it is OK if I modify a footprint manually (after drawing in some unused layer in the GUI) to change that layer in the editor to Edge.Cut for a closed contour. Let us assume that I specify a line width of 1 mil. I say then: 0.0254 for the width since the footprint seems specified in mm.I must have to save that footprint in a special place since it will be overwritten if I update.

So then assuming I choose that footprint I can forever more use it and count on getting a closed contour edge cut in my board where I want it, as long as I never make the mistake of editing that footprint in the GUI footprint editor. Until version 6 when it will become allowed.

Is that right?

Thats pretty much right, at least to my knowledge.
One thing I would do differently is not edit the line width manually. Instead draw it in fp editor on eco layer with the line width you want and then only change the layer in text editor.

Sounds good. That way I get a line that is a pre-approved width. I wondered if my translation of a 1 mil line would upset some code. Thanks :slight_smile:

That footprint will be very annoying to use. Every time you try to select something the edge footprint is there if it has all the board footprint because it covers the whole board area. In 5.99 this is easier because you can ignore locked items while selecting.

Not if his footprint has a hole in edge cuts (which is more typical use of edge cuts in footprints).

Yes this is what I am talking about. It seems straightforward since my goal is always a closed contour inside the board outline.

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