Noname.sch issue

I’m creating a new project name “DSP1” and saved in C:\KICAD\DSP1 folder. When I start the schematic editor EESchema and I’m getting the error message C:\KICAD\DSP1.sch not found. Can anybody help me out.
Using KiCad Build: 2013-07-07 BZR 4022

When you first create a project and then open up Eeschema that is normal because you haven’t created the schematic yet. Just click Yes to create the schematic.Then click Save to actually save the schematic file. Then if you exit Eeschema and then go back into it, It will open up the saved schematic.

Hope that makes sense lol


This message was changed in the newer versions by much less misleading “Schematic ‘xxx.sch’ does not exist. Do you wish to create it?”