Non-Populated Components

What is the “best” way to mark components as “Non-Populated” so they don’t show up in the BOM, Pick&Place file and the 3D view? Is there a simple solution or is file editing required?


For the Pick&place position file it is easy: in the footprint’s properties window (pressing “E” while over the footprint in the pcb editor) you have the “Attributes” section. Choosing “Normal+Insert” will make the footprint appear in the *.pos file (File > Fabrication Outputs > Footprint Position file)

Don’t know how accomplish the same with the BOM or 3D though, maybe somebody knows this part better than me…

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That would depend on who is doing the manufacturing process and their preferences. The company where I work likes to see “100K DNS” in the value field for a 100K resistor that is “do not stuff” or simply “DNS”. This translates well to the BOM.

I usually just edit the part number and append it with “-DNP” at the end. That way, it becomes a separate part from the original. Then I note it on BOM as “DNP” and highlight. The assembler then knows that it is not supposed to be placed even though it is on the pick and place file(s).