Nominate your favorite awful error messages/text!

I’m on a bit of a mission to kill some of KiCad’s confusing error messages and other user text. I recently did this one, now rewritten as this.

There is still a lot of this lying around, I’m always seeing newbies pop into the IRC channel asking wtf a message actually means. Unfortunately it’s a bit hard to pick out the difficult ones when you’ve been using the software for years and do know what they mean, so I thought I’d crowdsource this a bit.

KiCad users, and especially KiCad newbies, what are some of the texts, explanations, dialogs, and error messages that you’ve found confusing or opaque?

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Well the name is ok. But the tool tip kills it. Why should activating this be dangerous. I think it is exactly the other way round. (Things change on units you don’t see. Now that’s my definition of dangerous.)
I think they thought everyone will for all eternity only design symbols like the ones in the 74xx library.

a bit late :slight_smile:

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late because it has already been done on Dec 15th

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