No way to edit paths

Having installed kicad and read the doc, I see a gap between the download and the next step, creating a new project. There are no informations on how to install all needed files before creating a project. I installed with : sudo packer -S kicad kicad-docs-bzr kicad-docs-bzr kicad-bzr kicad-eagle-components kicad-pretty-git kicad-arduino-shield-modules ncrmnt-kicad-lib-git kicad-bzr-qi-hardware-patches
but there is no help-file and no library file, I get errors that there are no libraries : power, device, transistors etc.
Maýbe someone has an idea what I do wrong. In Debian it is exactly the same problem. Thank You

It seems you are using the so called “old stable” of kicad, has a bzr revision number of around 4022 to 4027 or something. But your libs might actually be much newer. But you can easily add the libs in eeschema.

Hi nickoe : it is 2013-may-18-stable it does not give the revision. I have downloaded the libraries, but where do they go ? Meanwhile the help-file works … thank you

Probably somethere in /usr/share/kicad or something.

You downloaded which kind of libraries? The new libraries will not work with the old version of KiCad, just so you know.