No Symbol Wizard?


I know I can modify and make my own symbol from existing symbol.
but if I can use symbol Wizard (like DesignSpark PCB), it is more efficient.
because when I’m find existing symbol which is similar with my custom symbol, It’s hard to know, because there is no preview. ( so I click all of symbols…to see what is looks like)

So I want to make symbol with wizard.
If Wizard icon is in Kicad, Please Let me know where it is.

sorry for my poor English

As it stands as of version 5.1 there is no symbol wizzard to my knowledge.


There are a lot of side projects around KiCad, and with one of them you can copy data from a pdf to a spreadsheet, and then run a script to generate a schematic symbol from the spreadsheet data.

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Use the library browser found in the view menu of the library editors (you can then use arrow keys to navigate your libs and see a preview)

I am generally confused how a symbol wizard would help here. Symbol wizards by definition create a completely new symbol from a given set of parameters. They are not tools to adapt existing assets.

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Thank you paul

I found that in Youtube
but I can’t find how it open

I use Window
Do you think I have to download another software for this??

I found exe file in bin folder
again Thank you :slight_smile:

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