No simple way to unroute a whole track between two points?

I know that I can select the segments of a track one by one by holding down the shift key and then deleting all the highlighted segments, but I hoped that there is an easier way.
I once worked with FreePCB and it had the options to unroute a track segment, a whole track or the whole net - this was very convenient for rerouting corrections.
In addition if a routed component was moved the tracks connecting to it turned back to ratsnest lines. In Kicad it seems that the tracks remain and only the gap between the moving component and track ends are shown as ratsnest.

  • Deleting a segment : Hover the segment, hit “Del” key
  • Deleting a track : Hover one of its segment, hit “U” to select the track, hit “Del” key
  • Deleting a net : Hover one of its segments, hit “I” to select the net, hit “Del” key

Tried to search for this information in the manual and could not find it.

A better place to search is to read the whole list of shortcut keys:

Pcbnew / Preferences / Hotkey Options / Edit Hotkeys
Quite a few of the keys are worth remembering if you use KiCad a lot.

In KiCad you can simply draw an alternate track connection, and the old connection gets deleted automatically if you turn on the “Remove redundant tracks” option in the Interactive Router settings.

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