No SilkScreen Layer after import into FabXpert Software

Hi there,
I’m a recent user of Kicad.
I created a project and exported the GenCAD to import it in FabXpert (Professional software to generate Flying Probe Test Programs for example).
The Silkscreen layer is missing after the import of the Gencad file.
I generated the Gerber files and the Silkscreen does exist.
Did I missed something in the configuration of the layers in Kicad?
Can I check in the GenCAD file in text format if there is silkscreen informations?
Thanks for replies.

Hi and welcome to the Forum.

In order to be able to provide more help, it is important that you provide more detailed information

  1. Which version of KiCad are you using ? (Help->About->Copy KiCad Version)
  2. How did you exported the “GenCAD” ?
  3. How did you generated the Gerber files, which options did you use ? An screenshot would help a lot.

Normally when exporting gerber files, you need to select which layer you want to export and each layer will be exported in a separated file, as such, you need to select the Silkscreen (F.Silkscreen and/or B.Silkscreen) .

I hope this helps

I had never heard of Gencad. After checking I saw it’s an export possibility from KiCad. I am guessing that this is a feature that is not used very often and this would increase the chance of lingering bugs.

I can only upload one image by post, so I will reply in several messages:

I tried with both 7 and 8 version:

Application: KiCad PCB Editor x64 on x64

Version: 8.0.0, release build

This is the way I exported the GenCAD:


And the Gerber files:

Next Gerber export step:

Here is the Gerber View of the silkscreen layer in the Gerber Viewer Files:


If I open the .CAD in text format, I can see sillkscreen infos in the components descriptions:

But no informations abouts forms and texts

Maybe it’s a trouble in FabXpert importation but maybe I did something wrong in the layers stack design.

Or maybe it is a bug.

That is weird, if I export the gerber files as you did:

My next screen is the following:

Where I select which layer I want plotted (1) and where my gerbers shall be saved (2) when I press “plot” (3). If I take a look at the saving folder it looks like this (be careful to not select anything in the “Plot on All Layers” column):


And my silkscreen gerber looks like this:

To me it looks like you have too much information in your silkscreen layer (maybe courtyards, silkscreen and drawing sheet)

EDIT: Your dialog looks like the one meant to export drill files

Yes sorry, It is the next step after the Gerber generation:

Here is my silkscreen view in Kicad:

No courtyard, no drawings in it.

It’s not a gerber files export trouble. I import the Gerber files in a PCB fabricant site the silkscreen layer is ok

Oh sorry, I did not understand what the problem was. I am not familiar with the GenCAD format and judging from this information, it seems that only copper gets exported:

Yes, maybe the GenCAD don’t export the Silkscreen. I will ask the FabXpert support too.
Thanks for helping