No Printout of Schematic

I am following Clause 10.8 Print on Paper from the eeschema help file. I click on the print icon or File>Print… This takes me to the “Print” window where “Print sheet reference and title block” is checked and “Print in black and white only” is checked. I click on “Page Setup” that takes me to the “Page Setup” window. The Format for: is set to my ink jet printer “iX6800-series at larry-MS-7693”. I change the Paper size: to Tabloid (11 x 17 inch). The Orientation: is Landscape. I then click on “Apply”. The Preview looks good. I then click on Print. This opens another “Print” window that has tabs of “General”, “Page Setup”, “Job”, “Image Quality”, “Color”, and “Advanced”. I go through and check all the tabs. Under the “General” tab it has: Printer: iX6800-series, Location: larry-MS-7693, and the status: Sending data to printer.

I now click on Print and I get nothing with the 1st Print window showing up. And so it is a ring-around-the-rosy. How do I get an ANSI size B printout that matches my size B schematic diagram?

What OS? Windows just pulled an update for 10 because of various problems.

Sorry about that. I am using KiCad 5.0.0 on my Ubuntu 18.04 LTS OS.

Okay, I am able to get a printout but it is not as advertised. I set the printer up for tabloid paper size (ANSI/ASME size B paper), landscape view, gray scale, and black ink. The preview shows the whole schematic but the printout is only the right hand side upper portion, no title block.

If I specify portrait view the preview shows the whole schematic in vertical fashion, instead of horizontal fashion, but the printout is squeezed into the “top” half of the page. This time I get about 3/4 of the schematic starting at the left side of the schematic and ending with just a little bit of the title block.

What do I need to do to get a full schematic printout?

Please report this as a bug. And, as a workaround, use the plot to PDF and then print your PDF.

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