No "Move Relative To" section in Version: (5.1.5)-3, release

This is what I expected (

and what I got. No “Move Relative To” section in Version: (5.1.5)-3, release. Am I missing something?


The two movement dialogs were completely changed for v5.1 after v4.

Now “Position Relative To” let’s you choose a reference point (zero point) for the new location of the moved item, like it was moved to a certain point in a temporary coordinate system.

“Move Exactly” moves the item from its current position to a new position x/y amount, for example 1.0 mm right in X direction / 2.2mm down in Y direction.

If there’s something specific which you don’t find in them right away, please ask.

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Thanks for help. Here is a bit more details the way I understand it. It seems to work.

Move or rotate a footprint related to user origin or reference point.

  • Position cursor to reference location on grid or center of pad. Select F.P, click M, cursor will snap to the center of pad. Click Esc to prevent actual F.P. moving. Hit the space bar to reset Dx and Dy coordinates to 0. This is a user origin, AKA starting/reference point.
  • Select F.P. you want to move. Do Ctrl+M. Cursor will snap to the center of pad. Enter x/y coordinates in Move Item dialog and click OK. F.P will move from reference point to exact location you specified.
    Use (-0.005 to move to reference point

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