No mask on vias


I add vias simply by “Add vias” button. Not by creating a separate footprint for it. I noticed that I can’t add these vias to mask layer. Is it possible or I need to create custom footprint?
Kicad 5.0.0


Tenting vias or not is an option in the plot output settings dialog.


Thanks! But in pcbnew vias always don’t have soldermask?


Or they always have. The option when generating the Gerber files is “Do not tent vias”.

It is not a decision you have to make while routing, only when plotting as Efcis said.


Now, of course, this means that KiCad doesn’t support having some vias tented and others not without going through some logistical gymnastics. Essentially if you only want a few vias not tented you would have to use a via-sized single pin THT part instead of the via (and may as well call it a test point once you are doing that).


I’ve requested this feature in Kicad bug tracker It seems to be targeted for V6.

Currently my workaround is to use normal vias and add solder mask clearance with graphic circle on needed mask layer. I do this as final step of layout. In my case only minority of vias need mask removed.


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