No Kicad) Have you designed usb 3.0 Trace?

Hi all.

now, i design USB 3.0 Hub device, and i will use USB5906 of microchip.
Just i designed USB 2.0. So, i dont know about USB 3.0.

They recommend
“ESD protection devices on the USB SuperSpeed lines will degrade SuperSpeed Signaling, and therefore should only be used if needed”

I think the USB cable is up to 1m.

If you will design, you will use ESD Protect? I will use “ECMF04-4HSM10” of ST.

How about it?


USB 3 operates at very high bitrates, so I’m not surprised that any ESD protection device degraded signal quality.

I would start with a little research for datasheets and application notes of such devices.

The best (and probably adequate) ESD protecton device is the connector itself.
First, the GND & Vcc connector pins make first contact because they’re physically longer, and second, the signal wires are quite deeply hidden in the connectors, but you probably already know that.

I have no experience with USB3 design.

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