No help files available for arch linux

Hi everyone, I have no experience with electric circuit design. But I know how to install a program under arch linux. I have installed kicad several times on my machines. There is never any documentation. Someone at kicad argued that this would bloat the installation, not in my opinion. I googled and found additional files kicad-documentation-en but they cannot be installed under arch linux. I searched all repositories and there is absolutely no documentation in the community or AUR repository. Here is my question : Why is the documentation so well hidden ? I am not a trained physicist from CERN ( who in my view are all geniuses), so a help file is the absolute basic condition to understand anything in KiCad. Your documentation getting_started_in_kicad.pdf omits this topic completely, namely it starts with a fully installed program, there is no mention of any documtation install. Now in my view your docs need to adress this issue and the installation must absolutely include all help files from the start. And on the KiCad website this issue must be on the top of all others. But on your website and github I cant even find one hit for the word doc. Thanks to all.

I don’t know the specifics about Arch Linux, but this person created its KiCad package:

If you want to find the docs, there is a big white button on the homepage:

This button links to a list of the help document for each KiCad program:

They are all hosted on this server, where you can also find a 300MB zip of all help files:

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Hello caer, first please excuse my impatience. I found and extracted all files from your links, you made me happy. With kind regards and many thanks Marc

You’re welcome. See you soon.