No footprints in library

i have downloaded the latest version of kicad on my mac with mac ios big sur. The problem I have is that I cannot install the libraries. I only have the component list and no foot print. there is a solution to install them because even with the library manager nothing works.

I don’t have a Mac so all I have to go on is seeing installation issues on Mac systems. Searching the forums should find several recent posts about this very issue.

Assuming you have everything installed properly, check out this FAQ item to help you understand where your problem might lie and how you can fix it yourself:

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does not have much info.
My guess is that you can at least start KiCad…

It falls apart in a few different possibilities.

  1. Check that the libraries themselves are actually exist on your PC. Sometimes the (default) libraries are not installed at the same time as the rest of KiCad.
  2. The Library Management that SembazuruCDE mentioned.
  3. Some of the most used schematic symbols such as resistors and capacitors do not have any default footprint assigned by default, and you are expected to do that yourself before making the PCB.

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