No folder for Kicad user files

There is no Kicad folder in Windows Libraries\Documents folder. I can of course make it my self, but I hope Kicad knows to put every data file and library there in the future. Libraries\Documents is even now full of random files and if there ever will be a lot of Kicad projects of my own, they should be in their own folder/directory.

Just make a new dir for KiCad projects. Each project will be a subdir under that.

Sure. I did just that, but installation SW could have done it.

5.99 does, 5.1.x does not and won’t be getting feature updates


Very good. I wonder did my W10 version have it. But any way that is good news.

Clever enough to ask me where I want it?
Can’t check myself as I have Win7 and as I know V6 needs Win10.
I install software at C: . I work at D: .

No, that involves headaches with people starting arguments about workflow we don’t want to get involved in. It currently creates a default folder in Documents and calls it a day, if you don’t use it, it doesn’t matter, nothing happens. We may revisit it in v7 with other planned ideas. Settings will always be stored in %APPDATA% regardless.

You also can rebind your Documents directory to another directory like Windows intends but nobody does :frowning:

But I never tested if it’s able to follow this change currently hmmm (it should)

It would be tragic if that were not the case :slight_smile:
I am just surprised that someone can like if program decides/suggests him where to have his data.
May be it is because I have never learned to use any automatic, configurable backup system so I put all my work in one directory at D: and just backup that directory.

And I can’t blame them.
When I still used windows It tended to forget some of the custom settings every few years or so. Some small error in an update or whatever, and over time I developed a thorough dislike against modifying default settings.

But it was years ago, and Linux has similar problems. Sometimes small changes I made to the “start menu” for example disappear with no apparent reason.

There is also a group of maintenance people who do know about all those settings, but never use them because they want to leave a minimal footprint of changes on the systems they have under their umbrella.

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