No Connection flag on connected resistor

KiCad version 5.1.5. ERC check produces no connection flag on a standard library symbol, R_US. Only one of the many resistors produce this error. I have moved the component, closed the program and reopened, deleted the wire and reconnected, deleted the component and duplicated with a resistor with a good wire connection without success. The no connection flag remains set. There is no visible misalignment of wire and pin nor is there any indicator suggesting a no connection other than the ERC flag. What am I missing?

I suggest attaching a screenshot of the area showing your resistor and both ends of the wire that has the error on it. Plus please post the full ERC message as it could be that you misunderstood what it means.

I would if I could but I can’t. New to this forum so I have no “trust”

Even new users should be able to post one screenshot per post. See And the error message is best copied as text anyway.

I seem to have this error when the resistor is connected to a Global Label.


Make sure that global label is used elsewhere. Make sure you didn’t accidentally type the wrong name for the global label. i.e. is that “l_L” (lower-case L, underscore, upper-case L), or “I_L” (upper-case I, underscore, upper-case L)?

Thanks for the tip. I verified that there are no typos. The global label is on another sheet and the top sheet. Does the shape assigned to the global label effect the behavior. i.e. The global label in the attached pic is assigned as an input.

Issue is resolved. The global label on the source sheet was not properly connected to the wire. The error did not show up on the source sheet but on the second sheet and on the resistor, not the global label. The error was misleading.

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I think this should be reported as a bug, especially if it can be repeated with nightly builds. I didn’t find such a report in the database. Could you do that? It would need an example standalone project.

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