No components 3D view in KiCAD


I’m just starting to work with KiCAD.i an unable to view the components placed on the board.i have turned on Show 3D models too


what is your kicad version? (from your path variables i would guess version 4)
did you install the 3d model library (in the windows installer there is a selection box for installing libraries)

Especially in older versions of kicad 4 you will run into another problem. The footprints are downloaded directly from github (by default). Meaning you get the lib as it was after 4.0.7 was released. However the 3d models come with the installer. Meaning if you have a different version there could be massive disparities between the libs.


I am working on Windows KiCAD 4.0.4 version.I have installed 3D model library too.


Well there is your problem :wink:
you run the version 4.0.4 3d model lib with 4.0.7 footprints. Always ensure you have the same version for both installed.

(It is even worse as you also run version 4.0.4 symbol libs with the version 4.0.7 footprints. I would therefore suggest you take a close look at every diode or polarized condensator you used. If i remember correctly there was a polarization change sometime within the version 4 cycle.)

One easy way to fix this is to install kicad 4.0.7 which will come with the 4.0.7 3d models. (and has a few bug fixes as well)

I would further advice to setup local footprint libs instead of using online ones. Your data volume will thank you. (the online libs are downloaded everytime you need access to the libs. So everytime you do a netlist import or if you open cvpcb) You would not even be in this mess if you would have setup local libs from the start.

In the long run you might consider to even switch over to version 5. I would however suggest you do this after you finished your current project. (switching in the middle of a project might be a bit much for an inexperienced user.)