No BOM generation

I am trying to output a BOM of my project but nothing happens other than the same xml file being produced no matter what I choose.

The xml is always produced as a data exchange file. This file is then given to the plugin you choose (every BOM plugin must be written such that it takes this file as one of its inputs). This is necessary because eeschema does not offer a true plugin API.

See How to create a bill of materials (BOM)? for an example of how it should normally work. (follow this tutorial and tell us any error messages should you get some. When you have this up and running try your currently selected plugin with the same workflow.)

I can open the field’s editor that I could copy a BOM from.

If I run one of the scripts I get a message to say that it was successful but no CSV file emerges just the interim xml file.

Run command:
python “C:\Program Files\KiCad\bin\scripting\plugins/” “F:\Data\Sparky Labs Ltd\Customer Projects\SLP012\SLKCD012\SLKCD012.xml” “F:/Data/Sparky Labs Ltd/Customer Projects/SLP012/SLKCD012/SLKCD012”


You did not follow the tutorial. There is a very important point regarding file endings :wink:

(right now the bom plugin makes a file called SLKCD012 inside the folder F:/Data/Sparky Labs Ltd/Customer Projects/SLP012/SLKCD012/SLKCD012/, to get a file that is recognized as csv you would need to add the file ending csv to it)

Oh I see. Sorry. But surely these plugins that generate the file can put the correct file extension on?

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