No 4086 in KiCAD library

I can find a 4086 quad A-O-I in the library. How can I create one? I can’t see to find a way to draw an AND or OR gate in the symbol editor.

Look here

HOW DO I CREATE A 4086 USING THE EDITOR. For example, a 4071 is a quad AND. It show 4 AND gates (units A through E where E is Vdd and Vis connections). How do I create a similar circuit for the 4086?

You just need 2 units, A for the AOI gate, and B for the power pins.

You can see how the AND gate is drawn from another chip, and copy the graphics and edit the lines. You can get the OR gate from another chip, also by copying. You’ll need to put the inversion circle on one of the inputs.

All in all, a good exercise in learning to use the symbol editor.

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You don’t. The 4086 is too “complex” for using the normal gate symbols.
I’d suggest just using a rectangular symbol with inputs and outputs.

If you like, you can draw the AND/OR/INV graphics inside the symbol, but that’s too much effort IMO.


Making a two part symbol such as the 4086 is about 10 minutes work when you have learnt how to use the symbol editor.

The trick with this symbol is to copy/paste the gates from existing symbols in the Kicad libraries into a new symbol.
Then: move some pins, delete some pins, draw some lines and a circle and finally renumber and name (if you wish) the pins.


Yes. Thanks. I was able to do that last evening copying from a quad AND and a 4-input NOR.

Thanks for you patience. I’d had major abdominal surgery Tuesday. I’m home in a great deal of pain even today (Saturday morning) taking Percocet for pain. The opioids in it have me groggy and bit loopy.