Nightly - what is this indicator on my PCB Layout

I searched the forum and document but couldn’t find a reference to the below symbol. I thought it might have been the dx, dy origin but no…
I’m sure its a very simple item but I just haven’t found its function.

Any help would be appreciated.



Setting the origin point for the grid.

It is the second icon up from the bottom on the right hand side… next one up from the vernier caliper.

Woops, that icon position is in 5.1.9.
Not sure where it is in the nightly. I’ve finally bitten the bullet and am downloading 5.99 as I type. :sweat_smile:
I may be able to let you know in a little while :slightly_smiling_face:

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I confirm that it’s indeed the grid origin in V5.99 and the second icon on the right toolbar counting from the bottom up.

This icon sets two functions (with the fold-out triangle). You can switch functions by holding the mouse button for a second or so on the icon. Or alternatively from the main menu: Pcbnew / Place / Grid Origin

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