Nightly OSX builds now available

Adam Wolf got his nightly OSX KiCad builds up and running. You can try them out now:


I hope the folks are invited to add their Windows and Linux builds to the official KiCad site. Looks like they had to migrate to Dropbox to share recent Windows builds.

Sure, I actually emailed the guy to hear about his setup and the possibility to set it up on He was open to that.

But what he do, is build them in VirtualBox for both debian and window. He uses his workstation, so it is not online 24/7 to build on.

I have been trying to see if I could cross compile with mingw, but I am having trouble with the compiler failing with mysterious errors. This is intended to keep windows builds running without having klunky windows around. If anyone feels knowledagable or brave about this endeavour please ping me. I have tried various ways, and found that is good a building the toolchain. Remember to use the master branch and build wxwidgets with shared.

Good to hear. I’m looking forward to this, even if it’s not nightly.

Currently no “official” windows nightly builds will be provided if I do not (or anyone helps) make some crosscompilation enviromnent or someone provides a windows machine (or vm) to build on.

I’ve been in touch with Adam Wolf, and I added support for building KiCad with wxpython and Python scripting support to his scripts that build his nightlies. He plans to integrate my patch as soon as he has the time, but it should be a few days away most likely.

Any Mac users who are interested in those features, the nightlife should start having them soon. :smile:

Thank You Guyssss , it looks awesome !

Awesome! Feels like the Mac part of the KiCAD community receives some more time and love!
The only thing I need now is an update script that downloads and replaces KiCAD on a double click.
Maybe I can pull that off on my own…

Thank you!

Right !!! rad …

Thank you